Definitely one of the best hue apps out there!

Makes you Philips HUE light bulbs dynamic! (Philips HUE light bulbs and the WiFi bridge is needed!) Tired of the static scenes in the official HUE app. Enjoy dynamic HUE!

NEW! Party lights now use the microphone, you can play from any device and your phone turns it into color light.

In the mood of a clam evening, hueManic will create a perfect illusion of a fireplace in your living room.

Party lights turn your music into a visual light explosion and makes you living room into a dance floor. Just start Party lights in hueManic and play any of our playlists in any music app you prefer, should it be Play Music, Spotify,, Pandora, YouTube or what so ever.

Dynamic scenes
– Party lights
– Fireworks
– Sea
– Fireplace
– Thunderstorm
– Aurora
– Sunset
– Meditation
– Rainbow
– Jungle

See how amazing hueManic is in the video which is more than thousand words.

Apps-4-Hue-Lights-hueManic-11.jpg Apps-4-Hue-Lights-hueManic-12.jpg