Efficiency of the work will improve lighting

Efficiency of the work will improve lighting.
Color will help me your task. Timer work together to Hue by Philips, I change the color of the light.
By changing to your favorite color, the efficiency of your work goes up!

About This Huemoroid App
The color of the light will change to match the break time and work time based on the pomodoro technique.

You can set the color settings and timing.

For pomodoro technique
It is one of the task management skills.
The one Pomodoro 25 minutes, when after 25 minutes, and then rest 5 minutes.
And I take a long break once every four Pomodoro.
During one Pomodoro, I’ll do earnestly the contents of the task to select the task from the task list that had been made in advance (to divide and on what you end up with 25 minutes per task, if you take more).
The management skills that repeat the same thing also, After a 5-minute break after finishing spear.
Please try to search for “Pomodoro Technique” The people you want to know more.

Hue by Philips is required to run this application.

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