Gesture control to your Philips Hue

***** Best App for the Philips Hue lighting system ***** You need a Philips Hue bridge and at least one RGB LED lamp.


– Connect to bridge.
– Read out and show all technical information from the lamps.
– Group lights.
– Select colour from HSL colour picker.
– Gesture control (hand angle = colour, hand speed = saturation).
—-Currently supported for Samsung Galaxy S5, Note 3, Note 4 and Note Edge
—-Works under Android 5.1 and below. Android 6.0 is currently not supported.
—-Test gesture function with free Proxibird app:
– Music control with professional beat/kick recognition, no microphone sensitivity adjustment needed.
– Voice control (“turn (all) light(s) on/off”).
– Shake control with force feedback.
– Rotate (rainbow effect) with colour, saturation and brightness preset.

* Caribbean (island scene with sound effects).
* Police (very realistic light and sound effect).
* Stroboscope (light flash)
* Traffic Light (with sound effect)

Apps-4-Hue-Lights-Hue-Gesture-4.jpg Apps-4-Hue-Lights-Hue-Gesture-1.jpg Apps-4-Hue-Lights-Hue-Gesture-2.jpg Apps-4-Hue-Lights-Hue-Gesture-3.jpg