Great UI and very clean experience

Sunn brings the changing sun indoors. The Sunn app makes all of your Philips Hue lights continuously change color and quality with the sun outside to help sync your body’s rhythms with the natural cycle of light that we evolved for.
“Sunn mimics natural lighting, keeping your circadian rhythms in check.” – Co.Design

“Via an app, Sunn can simulate the light from any location around the world, like, say, the Bahamas.” – Wired

“Trying to ignore the gray weather outside? Users can also select which season they’d like the light to reflect.” – Dwell

The Sunn app makes your smart lights automatically mimic what’s going on outside – down to the minute – to help your body tune in to rhythms found in nature. In the morning, Sunn makes your lights rise with the sun, gradually brightening and changing color to foster wakefulness and assist your body’s natural suppression of melatonin. During the day, your lights track the sun and slowly become cooler to promote alertness. As the day winds down, your lights become warmer and bring the setting sun indoors. At night, the Sunn app slowly adjusts your lights to emanate the calming glow of firelight, a biological indicator that prepares you for rest and promotes your body’s nighttime production of melatonin.


(( Sunn Sync ))
Sync your indoor lights with the rhythm of the changing sun outside in real-time to promote circadian alignment and help regulate a balanced sleep-wake cycle.

(( Sunn Dial ))
Adjust your lights to any time of day to help you wake up, relax or wind down based on your personal schedule and wellness needs.

(( Light Travel ))
Trying to reduce jet lag? Change your lights to match the light cycle for any location in the world.

(( Seasons ))
Tired of the winter blues? Adjust your lights to your favorite time of year.

(( Moonlight Shake ))
Gently shake your phone to provide just the right amount of light to guide your way without disturbing others, preserve your night vision, and make it easier for you to fall back asleep.


(( Background Sync ))
Choose to keep your lights Sunn Sync’d even when the app is in the background.

(( Dynamic Brightness ))
Sync the intensity of your lights–in addition to their color–with the sun outside.

(( Smart Light Management ))
Seamlessly organize all of your individual lights into groups of lights.

(( Quick Select ))
Use an intuitive carousel to quickly switch between groups of lights.

(( Brightness Control ))
Precisely control the brightness of any light from 1 to 100%.


The Sunn app for Android currently controls Philips Hue. We will continue to add compatibility with other smart lights as they become available.

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