Manager our Hues light from a layout of your apartment

You want a real smart home control center for your Philips hue devices? Then this app is exactly what you are looking for! With the hueHome app you control easily all your Philips hue lights easy with your fingers. Make yourself a layout of your apartment, the whole house or just a single room and place your Philips hue lights where they are in reality. You can see the current status of each light as on/off, reachability and color. With that you have a complete overview of the entire house!
Create a layout either simply with your fingers by painting on the screen in different colors, or with your computer using a professional application for the design of a house. Save the layout as an image and load it into the hueHome app as background. So with that, you have a professional smart home control center!

Why does the app need the following permissions?
– android.permission.INTERNET
-> This is because the app needs to communicate with the Philips hue devices in your internal network
– android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE
-> This permission is needed because you can save your blueprints / layouts as image in your gallery

Please note that this app is only running proper if you have a Philips hue light system!

Apps-4-Hue-Lights-hueHome-Smarthome-Center-7.jpg Apps-4-Hue-Lights-hueHome-Smarthome-Center-8.jpg Apps-4-Hue-Lights-hueHome-Smarthome-Center-9.jpg Apps-4-Hue-Lights-hueHome-Smarthome-Center-5.jpg