Nice concept, but needs some work

You miss calls sometimes, because you have turned your music up too loud or just set your smartphone to mute? Here comes the solution: With hueCall you can configure how your Philips hue bulbs will light up when you get a call. For example, if your girlfriend or boyfriend is calling, let flash the bulbs in different colors. If you get a call from your parents, all bulbs should blink in dark red. All that is no problem hueCall! The lights will flash until you accept the call, or the caller hangs up. After that, the previous color settings of your lamps are automatically restored.

In addition, you can even set different color samples for unknown callers or caller with caller ID blocked. The options are endless!

✔ Creating an unlimited number of caller settings
✔ Hue bulbs can represent colors in the complete color spectrum
✔ Settings for unknown and hidden callers
✔ Support for Philips hue light system! TOP FEATURE!!!
✔ Memory function, to restore the color settings before call came in
✔ Full control for your Philips hue light system
✔ Currently the app is supporting the following Philips hue devices: Bulbs, Lightstrips, Living Colors, Lux
✔ HD graphics
✔ Works great on smartphones and tablets

If you have any questions or proposals for this app, please don´t hesitate to contact me:

Please note that this app is only running proper if you have a Philips hue light system!

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