Only one press away from turning the lights on or off

Ambieye controls Philip Hue lights — lighting reimagined, version revised. You are only one press away from turning the lights on or off — right from your browser. Home automation was never faster. Choose a dynamic scene, dim the lights, browse 3 million colors from, or chose 16k colors for your lights.


• (New!) Valentines theme!
• (New!) NFL Superbowl themes!
• Christmas, New Years, and Police scenes
• Send feedback from inside the app.
• Turn all the light bulbs on or off with a virtual lightswitch.
• Dynamic scenes including Romantic Red, Disco, and Sunrise, Thanksgiving.
• Auto bridge discovery & manual bridge IP entry.
• Office & warm lights presets — Kelvin degrees, Fluorescent lights.
• 16k full color spectrum selection via two color wheels.
• Control different groups of lights, or individual lights.
• Access to predefined scenes from the individual lightbulbs.
• Access to 3 Million palettes from colourlovers!


1. After installing the app will find your bridge through portal, or you can enter an IP address of the bridge yourself.
2. When the bridge is found, you see the “press the link button” message – press the middle button on the bridge to authenticate the extension.
3. Control your lights while on the same WiFi network.

No further setup necessary. The application dims all the lights on and off with a single mouse click, the dynamic scenes work as long as the app is open.

We all spend 80% of our free time in front of the computer, mostly online. The phone is in it’s dock, charging. The lightswitch should be inside your browser – now it is. A mouse click away.

Apps-4-Hue-Lights-Ambieye-for-Philips-Hue-3.jpg Apps-4-Hue-Lights-Ambieye-for-Philips-Hue-2.jpg