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HueMate application currently works with Philips Hue Wireless LED Lighting Product. Hue Mate brings intelligence into your lights and your home. You can always create typical light Scenes that include fixed light settings to match your everyday special needs, as in the Philips Hue Application and many others. However, the HueMate application also offers you the choice to fully automate your lights, by creating “HueMates” for every separate space into your home. HueMates may look like typical scenes but they are much more. They are your personal light agents. If you control your lights through HueMates, they discretely monitor and discover your preferences and eventually automatically arrange your home (hue) lights on your behalf. They continuously sense your presence, and the overall home environment and ensure that it always matches your preferences (personalization). HueMates instantly detect all changes in your space (the sun going down or the sky turning cloudy) and automatically adjust your lights before you even feel the need to do so (automation). If your space luminance is changing for any reason (a cloud is over your location or your curtains have been drawn), HueMates will instantly dim your lights accordingly, so as to always retain the preferred visual comfort levels.

Different homes and rooms have different needs making it impossible to define one universal rule that applies to every situation. What is more, light switches are rarely convenient and almost always boring. It often seems that the switch is far from your reach the moment you need to adjust your lights (light control). You usually “switch on and forget” your lights, even if such a configuration doesn’t, most of the times, correspond to your actual preferences.

Let HueMate make your life easier and your home comfy. HueMate will become your personal light agent that will always and automatically act on your behalf letting you worry about other more interesting things in your daily lifestyle.

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