Quick manual controls over the single light or a group as well as presets

LightControl is an application for controlling your Philips Hue lighting system. It provides quick manual controls over the single light or a group as well as presets. You can write an NFC tag and to execute a Preset with it.

LightControl is designed around the separation of bulbs/groups and colors/moods/color temperature so that any bulb/group can be used with any color/mood/color temperature.

Click on the group name and it will open a new view only with the bulbs in this group.

In the current version you can create a presets with bulb-mood pairs. So with one click you can set your entire home lights.

When you want to change the lights based on time mood, multiple presets can be executed at the same time if they don’t have bulbs in common. If bulb in common exist the last activated preset will be the active one.

Support of the schedules supplied by Philips Hue and stored on the bridge.

Multiple themes in the program, so you can select between light and dark look.

In the free version you can control up to 5 lights. If you need more you can unlock it from the menu as an in-app purchase.

Enable the automatic updates so you can get all new features when they are released!

App tested on:
– Nexus 4
– Nexus 5
– Nexus 7
– Asus TF-101

Apps-4-Hue-Lights-LightControl-for-Philips-Hue-17.jpg Apps-4-Hue-Lights-LightControl-for-Philips-Hue-16.jpg