The only one with Android ware support

Hue Control allows you to control your Philips Hue lights quickly and conveniently right from your lock screen or Android wearable. Organize your lights into groups and quickly change their color by adding your own color presets for maximum efficiency. This app allows you to configure your lights, preview colors before setting them and switching between multiple bridges in seconds. The widgets then allow you to have full control over your lights without ever opening the app again!


– Widgets for your home and lock screens to toggle lights and set colors without ever unlocking your phone
– Android Wear integration for controlling your lights from your watch or other Android wearable
– Interactive dimmer and color pickers on your watch screen
– Shows the current color of all your lights
– Control all of your lights or lights in groups instantly with on/off switches and presets
– Reconnects to your bridge without any delay upon opening the app
– Groups automatically synchronize between different devices
– Different widgets can control entirely different bridges on your network

Apps-4-Hue-Lights-Hue-Control-1.jpg Apps-4-Hue-Lights-Hue-Control-5.jpg Apps-4-Hue-Lights-Hue-Control-4.jpg Apps-4-Hue-Lights-Hue-Control-9.jpg